LanOps, or LAN Operations, was a small LAN party started by Th0rn0, way back in 2003. Breaking from traditional LAN systems, such as massive tournaments, cash prizes and "uber-pr0" clans everywhere, LanOps set out with one goal:

Have Fun & Be awesome.

Fast forward to 2008. LanOps holds a LAN at the Sheffield Hallam Arena which proves to be the peak of the initial incarnation and the LanOps went on it’s first Hiatus Reforming in 2010 with a new line up and a new venue, Dronfield Civic Hall eventually moving into Sheffield city centre until the venue we were at shut down, and now in 2016, after more than two dozen LANS, we are better than ever, currently based in North Wingfield just outside of Chesterfield less than 10 minutes from the M1, we are based in a modern venue, faster internet, and great help from our LAN friends, UKVR who do VR experiences and racing rigs and LanCafe who do affordable quality breakfasts and snacks and drinks throughout the event.

LanOps isn't only an event though, it's also a group of fun loving people. We attend other LAN parties across the country, such as The Frag Factory, Breach LAN, epic.LAN, RetroLAN, and many more. With a vibrant Steam community, discord group and teamspeak server our admins along with many players are online round the clock so you're never going to be short of someone to play games with, or just relax and chat with.

If you want to know more, or just fancy some random online adventures with a group of like-minded people, jump onto teamspeak or discord using the links [location] or join us on our facebook page and group.

We're a friendly bunch, and we're always open to new people.

LanOps isn't about being the biggest, pro-est, “awesomest” community ever! No, LanOps is all about having some fun, and making a friendly community you can feel a part of. We have no rules on joining, nor will you have to prove your Kill/Death ratio is higher than someone else's.

Someday, maybe we'll enter some tournaments and win some prizes along the way. But now? We're making a community YOU can be a part of.

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