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Start: 16:00 07-09-2018

End: 18:00 09-09-2018

Seating Capacity: 54

We love gaming and having fun! We do have a few competitive games, but there is something for everyone! 3 Days of gaming, pizza and prizes. We are boasting more than ever with new games, new maps, and so much more!

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Admin Desk
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North Wingfield Community Centre
67 Whiteleas Ave
North Wingfield
Whiteleas Avenue
S42 5PW
United Kingdom
North Wingfield Community Centre



Our usual tournaments will be played including Unreal Tournament, Rocket League and Trackmania. More will be announced and confirmed later closer to the date of the event.

Food & Drink

Food & Drink

50% off at Dominoes is available throughout the weekend. We take orders every night for Dominoes Pizza. This is 50% off everything expect desserts (subject to change). There are also plenty of Takeaways within walking distance.

Bring a Noob

For every new player you bring to the LAN, we will refund you £10 from your ticket price This only applies for tickets bought online and with the correct referral to your account. This promotion is not valid for Early Bird tickets. Refunds will be honoured on the day on the event after confirmation of referral has been received.

Under 16's

If you are aged 15 or under, you are required to provide a completed and signed parental consent form on arrival to the event. LanOps is involved with violent Video Games and adult language. We would like to make sure that all our participants (and parents/guardians) are comfortable with the material that is presented at LanOps Events.


If you are unable to attend the event, please notify us as soon as possible. You must give notification of the cancellation at least 28 days prior to the start of the event to receive a refund. Notifications received within the 28 days prior to the start of the event will not be refunded and your place will be sold to the next person on the waiting list.Tickets are non transferable to future events.


Time Game Description
Fri - 16:00 Lan Start Network Live!
Fri - 19:00 Welcome & Talks General Information
Fri - 22:00 Social / Projector games Much fun
Fri - 23:00 Fighting Tournament Start Tekken
Sat - 12:00 CSGO 5v5 - Tournament
Sat - 14:00 Wrecktfest Racing FFA
Sat - 17:00 Overwatch (6v6) Big Game
Sat - 19:00 Pub Quiz NSFW
Sat - 21:00 Hearthstone CCG - Tournament
Sat - 23:00 PubG / Quake Big Game
Sun - 12:00 Wreckfest Big Game
Sun - 14:00 Tournament Finals Hearthstone & Tekken Finals
Sun - 15:00 UT4 Big Game
Sun - 16:00 Good Byes :(
Sun - 18:00 Lan End Network Down!
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User Name Seat
Th0rn0's Avatar Th0rn0 - Steam: |LnO| Th0rn0 Thornton Main | C1
stormseeker's Avatar stormseeker - Steam: |LnO| Storm_Seeker Rob Main | E1
rebel's Avatar rebel - Steam: Rebel Chris Admin Desk | A5
Kayomani's Avatar Kayomani - Steam: Kayomani Andrew Admin Desk | A4
Raz3r's Avatar Raz3r - Steam: Raz3r83 Stephen Admin Desk | A3
richardmountain's Avatar richardmountain - Steam: 1NV3R7 Richard Admin Desk | A2
Vicolas's Avatar Vicolas - Steam: Vicolas Victoria Main | B5
Malpractice's Avatar Malpractice - Steam: Malpractice Dan Main | C4
Benschmark's Avatar Benschmark - Steam: Prime Millennial Ben Main | D2
Antler's Avatar Antler - Steam: Antler Joel Main | B1
Dogmeat 's Avatar Dogmeat - Steam: Dogmeat Shaun Main | B4
Mark's Avatar Mark - Steam: Jester Mark Main | B6
Mily260's Avatar Mily260 - Steam: mily260 james Main | B3
Aroknaâ„¢'s Avatar Aroknaâ„¢ - Steam: [TFF] Aroknaâ„¢ Arokna Main | H5
PyrettaBlayze's Avatar PyrettaBlayze - Steam: [TFF] Pyretta Blayze Pyretta Main | H6
#Teamrick's Avatar #Teamrick - Steam: DIG BICK RICK rickie Main | H4
Th0rn0's Avatar Th0rn0 - Steam: |LnO| Th0rn0 Thornton Main | G1
ScoutsMum's Avatar ScoutsMum - Steam: Scoutsmum R42 James Main | A4
Iconoclast0w's Avatar Iconoclast0w - Steam: MK| iCoN^ Chris Main | E2
Zerillis's Avatar Zerillis - Steam: Zerillis Adam Main | A2
stephanii's Avatar stephanii - Steam: Leithall Steph Main | A1
BakerMan1971's Avatar BakerMan1971 - Steam: Det er Bo Bo Main | D4
r00's Avatar r00 - Steam: r00 Scott Main | F5
Bates's Avatar Bates - Steam: bates Laurence Main | F6
calje's Avatar calje - Steam: CALVUS Callum Main | F4
f_begbie's Avatar f_begbie - Steam: francis f begbie Francis Main | G3
biscuits's Avatar biscuits - Steam: biscuits biscuits Main | G6
prodigal's Avatar prodigal - Steam: PRODIGAL Dan Main | G5
prodigal's Avatar prodigal - Steam: PRODIGAL Dan Main | G4
Bekelele The Spicy Transgender 's Avatar Bekelele The Spicy Transgender - Steam: Bekelele The Spicey Transgender Alfie Main | D1
Levjski's Avatar Levjski - Steam: Levjski Lee Main | D5
Cydonian Zeta's Avatar Cydonian Zeta - Steam: Cydonian Zeta Jade Main | A6
Woopdashoop90/Mrs Doobieboobie's Avatar Woopdashoop90/Mrs Doobieboobie - Steam: Corey Wolfhart Thomas Main | A5
Rosbubba's Avatar Rosbubba - Steam: RosBubba Ross Main | D6
Cropzy's Avatar Cropzy - Steam: Cropzy Adam Main | C3
Omegakill's Avatar Omegakill - Steam: omegakill Anthony Main | H1
Way_tootall's Avatar Way_tootall - Steam: StonedTurtle Jake Main | D3
Th0rn0's Avatar Th0rn0 - Steam: |LnO| Th0rn0 Thornton Main | C2
Revolt's Avatar Revolt - Steam: Revolt Aaron Main | A3
stephanii's Avatar stephanii - Steam: Leithall Steph Main | B2
Denz's Avatar Denz - Steam: Denz Danny Main | C6
burningbunnies's Avatar burningbunnies - Steam: burningbunnies David Main | C5
Luxzorz's Avatar Luxzorz - Steam: Luxzorz Luke Not Seated


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