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We love gaming and having fun! We do have a few competitive games, but there is something for everyone! 3 Days of gaming, pizza and prizes. We are boasting more than ever with new games, new maps, and so much more!

Start: 16:00 10-11-2017

End: 18:00 12-11-2017

Seating Capacity: 48

Weekend Ticket - SOLD OUT!


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North Wingfield Community Centre
North Wingfield
Whiteleas Avenue
S42 5PW


Our usual tournaments will be played including Unreal Tournament, Rocket League and Trackmania. More will be announced and confirmed later closer to the date of the event.

Food & Drink

50% off at Dominoes is available throughout the weekend. We take orders every night for Dominoes Pizza. This is 50% off everything expect desserts (subject to change). There are also plenty of Takeaways within walking distance.

Bring a Noob

or every new player you bring to the lan, we will refund you £10 from your ticket price This only applies for tickets bought online and with the correct referral to your account. Refunds will be honoured on the day on the event after confirmation of referral has been received.

Under 16's

If you are aged 15 or under, you are required to provide a completed and signed parental consent form on arrival to the event. LanOps is involved with violent Video Games and adult language. We would like to make sure that all our participants (and parents/guardians) are comfortable with the material that is presented at LanOps Events.


If you are unable to attend the event, please notify us as soon as possible. You must give notification of the cancellation at least 14 days prior to the start of the event to recieve a refund. Notifications revieced within the 14 days prior to the start of the event will not be refunded and your place will be sold to the next person on the waiting list.


Time Game Description
Fri - 16:00 Lan Start Start
Fri - 18:00 Food Orders Nomz
Fri - 20:00 Welcome Intro & Safety talks
Fri - 21:00 Blockships Tournament Double Elimination/FFA
Fri - 22:00 PubG / Social / Projector Games JackBox, Secret Hitler etc.
Sat - 00:00 Werewolves Social Game
Sat - 11:00 Team Fortress 2 Big Game
Sat - 12:00 CSGO 4v4/5v5
Sat - 15:00 Rocket League 2v2/3v3
Sat - 16:30 Food Orders Nomz
Sat - 19:00 Overwatch Big Game
Sat - 21:00 PubG / Social / Tekken Round Robin Double Elimination
Sun - 00:00 GTA5 / AOE2HD Midnight Heists / FFA
Sun - 11:00 Halo Big Game
Sun - 13:00 Overwatch Big Game
Sun - 15:00 TrackMania Time Trial Bo3
Sun - 18:00 Event End Network down, [email protected] :(
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CSGO 4v4

1st - The Hollywood Sex Pest Institution

2nd - Big ShaQ

3rd - Potato Aim

4th - TWG

5th - TEZ

5th - BrownPantha

Rocket League 3v3

1st - TEZ

2nd - twg

3rd - Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

4th - The Brown Pantha and Friends

5th - Mrs Doobieboobie's Bare Bottom

Tekken FFA

1st - ☾Prune

2nd - Jason^

3rd - [TFF] Arokna™

4th - Flame ◢◤

5th - Dogmeat

5th - Sinchez

7th - [TFF] Pyretta Blayze

7th - Cryin-Assassin

9th - MaryLandCookie

9th - Grimes

9th - Luxzorz

9th - |LnO| Th0rn0 the Hedgehog

13rd - Dkrux

13rd - Dilli Dilli Gence

13rd - Malpractice


17th - Charlie

17th - Cydonian Goblina


Team Sizes:
round robin
Steam Name Name Seat
|LnO| Th0rn0 the Hedgehog Thornton C6
|LnO| Storm_Seeker Rob E1
|LnO| Rebel Chris Not Seated
Kayomani Andrew Not Seated
|LnO| 1NV3R7 Richard Not Seated
Flame ◢◤ Bruno Not Seated
Pete Peter D1
Cydonian Goblina Jade G5
King Mustard Elliot F6
Brian Blessed Jake D3
Ulalune Katie D6
Benschmark Ben D2
Jason^ Jason B5
☾Prune Thomas C2
Vicolas Victoria H2
Pebble™ Josh B3
Malpractice Dan C5
[TFF] Pyretta Blayze Pyretta H5
[TFF] Arokna™ Arokna H6
Hesher Josh B4
Mrs Doobieboobie Thomas G6
Fanny Adams Danny B2
[email protected]/mily260 james G4
Zerillis Adam G2
Leithall Steph G1
Raz3r83 Stephen Not Seated
Lymbo Ryan F4
Vernaw Ryan F3
Magic Man Jamie B1
Grimes Ryan C1
CreepyHero James A1
Dkrux Daniel E3
[RPC] JP James E5
Sinchez Scott D5
Dilli Dilli Gence Bo E4
Cryin-Assassin Nick F2
tS | StubouK Stuart A5
Vick Shaun F1
MaryLandCookie Lee E2
Dogmeat Shaun H3
Kitten Cat E6
[TFF] Shlee Ashley H4
Bridgo UK Shaun F5
Revolt Aaron G3
BeadiestSkyBlue Andrew A2
Charlie Charlie A6
Sixko Luis A4
Johno Sam B6
Jazgo Jaspal A3
Luxzorz Luke H1


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