13/48 Tickets Available

Available Available

Start: 18:00 16-06-2017

End: 18:00 18-06-2017

Seating Capacity: 48

We love gaming and having fun! We do have a few competitive games, but there is something for everyone! 3 Days of gaming, pizza and prizes. We are boasting more than ever with new games, new maps, and so much more!

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North Wingfield Community Centre
67 Whiteleas Ave
North Wingfield
Whiteleas Avenue
S42 5PW
United Kingdom
North Wingfield Community Centre

LanOps 27 Timetable

Time Game Description
Fri - 16:00 Projector Games Social
Fri - 18:00 Welcome Talk Hellos and Safety
Fri - 20:00 PUBG Just For Fun
Fri - 21:00 Social/Projector Games Tabletop Games
Sat - 10:00 Counter Strike GO Tournament
Sat - 12:00 Hearthstone Tournament
Sat - 16:00 Overwatch Tournament
Sat - 16:00 Rocket League Tournament
Sat - 20:00 PUBG Just For Fun
Sun - 08:00 Counter Strike GO Arms Race/Just For Fun
Sun - 10:00 TrackMania Tournament
Sun - 13:00 Unreal Tournament 4 Just For Fun
Sat - 08:00 TBC TBC
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User Name Seat
Th0rn0's Avatar Th0rn0 - Steam: |LnO| Th0rn0 Thornton Main | C5
stormseeker's Avatar stormseeker - Steam: |LnO| Storm_Seeker Rob Main | E1
rebel's Avatar rebel - Steam: Rebel Chris Main | H1
Kayomani's Avatar Kayomani - Steam: Kayomani Andrew Main | F1
Raz3r's Avatar Raz3r - Steam: Raz3r83 Stephen Main | H2
richardmountain's Avatar richardmountain - Steam: 1NV3R7 Richard Not Seated
Vicolas's Avatar Vicolas - Steam: Vicolas Victoria Main | C4
JR23's Avatar JR23 - Steam: JR23 Joe Main | A1
Malpractice's Avatar Malpractice - Steam: Malpractice Dan Main | C6
Blayze's Avatar Blayze - Steam: Blayze Paul Main | B1
Flame's Avatar Flame - Steam: Flame ◢◤ Bruno Main | F2
Sirbuttalot's Avatar Sirbuttalot - Steam: Aranrion Jason Main | B6
vhorezman's Avatar vhorezman - Steam: Polar Terrapin Liam Main | D2
xxx-Big Dick Lucas Jones ︻デ┳═ー xxx's Avatar xxx-Big Dick Lucas Jones ︻デ┳═ー xxx - Steam: Comrade Doge L-Dawg Main | B5
Revolt's Avatar Revolt - Steam: Revolt Aaron Main | E6
Dogmeat 's Avatar Dogmeat - Steam: Dogmeat Shaun Main | C3
Mushy14's Avatar Mushy14 - Steam: Mushy Dale Main | D5
KMac's Avatar KMac - Steam: KRSMAC Kris Main | D4
#Teamrick's Avatar #Teamrick - Steam: DIG BICK RICK rickie Main | D6
Mily260's Avatar Mily260 - Steam: mily260 james Main | E5
sniperxls's Avatar sniperxls - Steam: Sniper Xls Daniel Main | A2
Dales's Avatar Dales - Steam: DALES WINT✪N Mathew Main | B4
Aroknaâ„¢'s Avatar Aroknaâ„¢ - Steam: [TFF] Aroknaâ„¢ Arokna Main | D1
Hawkwreak's Avatar Hawkwreak - Steam: Hawkwreak Garth Main | H3
Luxzorz's Avatar Luxzorz - Steam: Luxzorz Luke Main | C2
PyrettaBlayze's Avatar PyrettaBlayze - Steam: [TFF] Pyretta Blayze Pyretta Main | C1
Shlee's Avatar Shlee - Steam: Shlee Ashley Main | E2
Brike70's Avatar Brike70 - Steam: Brike Michael Main | E3
MagnumRuddle's Avatar MagnumRuddle - Steam: MagnumRuddle Douglas Main | H4
Cassius's Avatar Cassius - Steam: Cassius Barry Main | G1
davealcock@googlemail.com's Avatar davealcock@googlemail.com - Steam: Mr Lister the Sister Fister DAVID Main | G2
Onamish's Avatar Onamish - Steam: Onamish Dan Main | G3
Wilky's Avatar Wilky - Steam: KIck me plz Karl Main | G4
Th0rn0Dev's Avatar Th0rn0Dev - Steam: tehth0rn0 Thornton Main | F3
Shep94's Avatar Shep94 - Steam: Shep Josh Main | A6


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