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It's the time of year and we want to celebrate! Come join us for some festive fun. Consoles, Board games, Competitions, Drinks and More! Optional fancy dress but encouraged. More info soon! All held at the usual venue.

Start: 14:00 14-12-2019

End: 18:00 15-12-2019

Seating Capacity: 0

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North Wingfield Community Centre
North Wingfield
Whiteleas Avenue
S42 5PW

Food & Drink

50% off at Dominoes is available throughout the weekend. We take orders every night for Dominoes Pizza. This is 50% off everything expect desserts (subject to change). There are also plenty of Takeaways within walking distance.

Under 16s

If you are aged 15 or under, you are required to provide a completed and signed parental consent form on arrival to the event. LanOps is involved with violent Video Games and adult language. We would like to make sure that all our participants (and parents/guardians) are comfortable with the material that is presented at LanOps Events.

On-Site Showers

We have a free to use, on-site shower. Just don't forget to bring your own towels and soap.

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Steam Name Name Seat
Denz Danny Not Seated
|LnO| Storm_Seeker Rob Not Seated
|LnO| Storm_Seeker Rob Not Seated
|LnO| Rebel Chris Not Seated
Kayomani Andrew Not Seated
Raz3r83 Stephen Not Seated
|LnO| Th0rn0 the Hedgehog Thornton Not Seated
Dogmeat Shaun Not Seated
dirty jason Not Seated
Jazgo Jaspal Not Seated
Smirky Harvey Not Seated
SmileyBadger Nathan Not Seated
[TFF] Alan Johnson Matthew Not Seated
Vicolas Victoria Not Seated
[.Moe] Gnome The Japanese Maid Joshua Not Seated
le stotch Steven Not Seated


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