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Surviving an All-Nighter at LanOps.

Attending a Bring Your Own Computer event like LanOps which is a weekend marathon gaming session, some choose not to sleep to make the most of the LAN Party. But to pull off an all-nighter can be a significant challenge on your body and mind. Using neuroscientist studies on volunteers who stayed awake for a prolonged period our club’s researchers have devised a way to survive the night and what to expect if you decide to stay up all night gaming.

Why Do Gamers Stay Up All Night

LanOps events offer a unique environment where gamers can immerse themselves in their favourite games and socialize with like-minded individuals. The enthusiasm and camaraderie often instigates all-night gaming sessions, whilst continuous play can be enticing so it's essential to understand the effects of sleep deprivation and how to maximise gaming sessions.

Tips for Surviving an All-Nighter like a Pro Gamer

If you decide to stay up all night at LanOps, here are some tips to help you get through it:

Use Bright Light: Bright light, especially blue light from screens, can inhibit sleepiness​.

Caffeine in Moderation: Caffeine is a quick-fix and can boost alertness and concentration, but it's important to consume it in moderation or suffer a crash.

Take Power Naps: Short naps of 15 to 20 minutes can help combat fatigue without making you feel groggy. Combing caffeine followed by a nap is a powerful hack. We find a nap on Saturday after lunch, another at midnight and Sunday morning.

Stay Hydrated and Eat Well: Drinking water and consuming high-protein snacks can help maintain energy levels and avoid too many sugary foods​.

Take Breaks: Regular breaks to stretch, walk around, and get fresh air can help maintain your focus and energy levels throughout the night​ between gaming sessions.

Avoid Alcohol: Alcohol can exacerbate feelings of sleepiness and impair cognitive function, making it harder to stay awake and alert​​.

Set Goals: Set a target for you and your team to achieve to keep yourself engaged as becoming bored will make you feel more tired, it helps to remove distractions like videos and forums so you can focus on your gaming.

Friday or Saturday

Choosing the wrong night to pull an all-nighter at a LAN party can have consequences if you suffer from cognitive-lag the next day, this is because sleep disruption effects your natural melatonin hormone cycle so you are likely to feel tired during the following day. So, avoiding staying awake too long Friday night will set you up to make the most of Saturday. Then by eating healthily, staying active and avoiding caffeine throughout the day will set you up for the best experience with your all-night gaming marathon.

Impairments of an All-Nighter

Staying up all night can lead to several adverse effects; such as cognitive impairment, mood swings and regular limited sleep has long term health risks. Whilst short term you might feel like eating as the body’s hunger hormone is higher when you are sleep deprived, there are other more serious short-term effects to consider.

Sleep deprivation can significantly impair judgment, reaction time, and decision-making abilities, similar to being intoxicated, this will negatively affect your gaming performance, memory and ability to drive​.

Lack of sleep can increase feelings of irritability and anxiety making a rage quit more likely​​. This is due to stress hormones being released to counter the fatigue and increased heart rate and increased mental alertness.

Your body needs sleep for muscle repair and immune function so skipping sleep can lead to increased sensitivity to pain, lower endurance, and a weakened immune system, this means you won’t be playing your best the following day​.

But if you are worried about recovering from the adverse effects of sleep deprivation then know that you fully rejuvenate any physical and mental side effects after a proper night’s rest and sometime in the sun. Some people are better suited or vulnerable to sleep deprivation. Be aware of damaging yourself with regular all-nighters, educating yourself about the science of sleep will better equip you for gaming marathons.


While pulling an all-nighter at LanOps can be enticing it is not recommended, so it's important to manage your health and performance. We hope these tips help you enjoy the event while minimizing the effects of sleep deprivation. Enjoy the games, but take care of your body whilst making the most of your LanOps experience.



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