40/48 Tickets Available

Available Available

Start: 14:00 16-07-2022

End: 16:00 17-07-2022

Capacity: 48

Weekend of Table Top and Social games.

Weekend Attendee

Limited Availablity

£25 42/44 Available

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North Wingfield Community Centre
67 Whiteleas Ave
North Wingfield
Whiteleas Avenue
S42 5PW
United Kingdom
North Wingfield Community Centre
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User Name Seat
Rosbubba's Avatar Rosbubba - Steam: RosBubba Ross Not Seated
rebel's Avatar rebel - Steam: Rebel Chris Not Seated
Shlee's Avatar Shlee - Steam: Shlee Ashley Not Seated
Th0rn0's Avatar Th0rn0 - Steam: |LnO| Th0rn0 Thornton Not Seated
I_am_Pete's Avatar I_am_Pete - Steam: Pete Peter Not Seated
stormseeker's Avatar stormseeker - Steam: |LnO| Storm_Seeker Rob Not Seated
Levjski's Avatar Levjski - Steam: Levjski Lee Not Seated
Omegakill's Avatar Omegakill - Steam: omegakill Anthony Not Seated


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