LanOps 37 and the CoronaVirus

As many of you will have heard the concerns over the virus, we are asking that our attendees do their part as we try our best to do ours.

LanOps 37 this coming weekend is going ahead. We have some antibacterial wipes and are trying to get some anti-bacterial hand gel too. Though the latter seems to be in very short supply.

Already, we have had attendees respectfully withdraw from the LAN as they are ill - no confirmed cases of CoronaVirus! We respect this and will honour their ticket at a future event.
If there are any other attendees showing any symptoms, especially those who have traveled, please let us know. We will honour the same agreement and you may use your ticket at another event. Simply drop a message to Storm, Thorno, Rebel, or Kayo via discord or facebook. It will be confidential and we will not ask any questions.

As unlikely as it is that any of you will have it, and as unlikely as it is that any of us will come to any harm from it, we are still taking these precautions to do what we can to look after the health and well-being of the community and those close to them.

If anyone does have any hand gel, you are more than welcome to bring and use it. If anyone has any surplus to share, that would be more than awesome. We will buy it or trade for breakfasts.

Thank you all for your understanding,
The LanOps Team



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LanOps 37 is now Live!

As the title says LanOps 37 is now live! Get your tickets now @



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